Hazardous Waste & Crime Scene Cleanup in Granbury, TX

Not every janitorial service or cleanup crew is licensed or experienced enough to handle hazardous waste cleanup in Granbury, Hood County, Stephenville, and Weatherford, TX. Love to Clean is available for even the most complex cleanup jobs, including remediation of hazardous materials and crime scene cleanup. We address these jobs with the utmost care, accomplishing a deep clean quickly and safely.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Our experience with crime scene cleanup in Hood County, TX is robust, covering the various types of crime scenes and the necessary remediation to ensure they’re properly cleaned. We leave no surface uncleaned and scour the entire scene to remove any and all trace of crime.

  • Meth lab and other drug-related cleanups
  • Homicide, suicide and unattended body cleanups
  • Destruction of property cleanups

In dealing with these diverse types of crime scenes, we’re familiar with cleaning up blood and bodily fluids, materials affected by decomposition and decay, drug residue and much, much more. We clean everything to an unparalleled standard, ensuring no trace elements are leftover.

Hazardous Waste Cleanup

Our experience with crime scene cleanup has also made us the foremost local authority on hazardous waste cleanup in Hood County, TX. We’re experienced in cleaning and remediating a host of dangerous materials and pathogens that may be present, including the following:

  • Blood, human waste and other bodily fluids
  • Drug residue or toxic trace contaminants
  • Mold, mildew and other dangerous organic growth
  • Dangerous materials including lead paint and asbestos

We clean everything to an unparalleled standard, ensuring any presence of harmful debris and microscopic contaminants are thoroughly absolved.

Leave the Dangerous Mess to Us

When the time comes to clean up a dangerous mess, leave it to Love to Clean. Our experience with hazardous materials and our familiarity with crime scene cleanup make us the foremost authority on deftly handling your problem. Contact us today at 817-910-2788 to schedule a cleanup, duct cleaning, floor maintenance, and more.