Water, Fire, Smoke Cleanup
in Granbury, TX

Few things cause the lasting, lingering damage that water, fire and smoke do. From water spots to lingering smoke carcinogens, it’s best to have these problems remediated as quickly as possible, by a company equipped to handle them. At Love to Clean, we handle the worst of the worst in Granbury, Hood County, Stephenville, and Weatherford, TX when it comes to remediation projects. From smoke and fire to water and chemicals, we clean thoroughly and leave no trace of these elements behind. We’ll make sure your home is clean enough to live comfortably in, with no lingering traces of danger.

Water Damage Restoration
  • Water damage restoration: The key to water damage restoration is removing all traces of water before restoring the damage. We use heavy-duty dehumidifiers and fans to completely dry out your space, then get to work cleaning up debris and damage before rot or mold sets in.
  • Fire damage restoration: After a fire, we waste no time in delivering fire damage restoration. We’ll remove all ash and soot from the premises, then vacuum out all settled smoke and other chemicals. We do more than just get rid of the smoke smell—we remove dangerous carcinogens that may have settled.
  • Smoke damage restoration: The smoke smell after a fire can be traumatizing. We remediate your property to remove the carbon dioxide and all other chemicals from the air and wherever smoke has settled. Our teams get the smell and other lingering reminders out, so you can put your tragedy behind you.
  • Crime scene cleanup: Our familiarity with chemical cleanup makes us the go-to choice for crime scene remediation and hazardous waste removal. We’re equipped with the safety training and resources to properly handle these cleanups, leaving behind pristine results.

As soon as the fire is out or the water is gone, call Love to Clean for remediation services. We won’t waste any time in making sure your home is clean once again, with no lingering problems waiting to cause you grief. Contact us today at 817-910-2788 for remediation, post-construction cleanup, and hazardous site cleaning services. We’re available 24 hours a day!